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3 Steps to Empowerment, Happiness, and Wholeness

The 21st century is a time of change when women are experiencing a crisis of the soul. Here’s how women can move forward toward empowerment and happiness.

Healing Your “Inner Sage”

Women’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health can be improved through unconditional love, integration of the feminine and the masculine, and making the unconscious conscious. These steps are designed to access the individual’s “inner sage” and unrealized potential.

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This is your time for non-judgmental self-reflection and unabashed authenticity. Take a moment just for YOU. Your self-evaluation offers personal insight into your current state of empowerment, balance, and happiness.

A Double-Edged Sword: Women’s Experience

From a psychological, societal, and economic standpoint, we have seen how beneficial it is to empower the world’s women. Yet, as the dedication to women’s empowerment grows, women must also overcome negative internal and external messages in order to increase self-esteem.

Superwoman Complex

Moving away from feeling the obligation to overfunction, women begin to accept their humanness and their ability to just BE. With this movement toward health, they can say no to overfunctioning and enable themselves, through self-respect, to choose the right opportunities.

Making the Unconscious Conscious

When an individual lives unconsciously, unconscious demands cloud and disturb the consciousness; the primitive self comes to the foreground when the inner world remains unconscious. The first step to healing society is making the unconscious conscious within each individual.

The Cost of Survival Mode

The Western definition of achievement and success leads to fear, survival mode, and regret for women — who believe they are doing what they have to do in order to survive and to provide a better life to their children. However, looking back, women often find that these choices came at the expense of their and their children’s happiness.
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